Who We Are

SmartBrain Technologies

SmartBrain Technologies is a growing, innovative, and caring company dedicated to providing quality technology products to help children and adults make the most of their potential. We develop state of the art "interactive devices" in the areas of health, learning, and performance enhancement to create the most advanced and powerful "brain exercise" system available.

Just like physical exercise, the benefits of brain exercise come from practice. With SmartBrain Technologies, the practice is fun and not a chore. Only SmartBrain Technologies uses hundreds of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox video games and any DVD movie for unlimited training feedback and the most powerful brain training experience.

Through an exclusive partnership with NASA, we’ve innovated a way to help children and adults increase their ability to pay attention better, learn more quickly and remember more efficiently through this powerful brain exercise.

  • Exclusive NASA patented technology
  • Improve attention, performance and learning
  • State of the art, low-cost interactive devices
  • Make exercising your brain effective and easy
  • Train your brain by playing a video game and watching a movie