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Anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of their brain! Our brains are the seat of all of our mental and physical abilities. Sophisticated neuroimaging continues to map our underlying brain functions. SmartBrain Technologies creates the ability to exercise these functions improving all capabilities. Scientific research demonstrates improvements in learning, memory, communication skills, behavior and attention.

Thousands and thousands of children and adults have successfully benefited from using SmartBrain Technologies. Children suffering from learning and attention challenges, impulsiveness, irritability, and emotional outbursts have greatly improved their academic achievement and behavior. Professional athletes improve their golf scores and even Italy’s world cup soccer team benefited from neurofeedback training!

Our video game based feedback system is ideal for younger brains and our DVD movie feedback system is ideal for adults and especially for seniors. As the brain ages mental sharpness declines- just like a muscle that is not vigorously exercised. The SmartBrain DVD movie feedback system delivers an engaging, challenging yet fun exercise through watching and listening to your favorite movie. Now training the youth and vitality of your brain is as simple as watching TV!

SmartBrain Technologies provides sophisticated systems for Families, Educators and Professionals.


The SmartBrain Learning System is designed for home neurofeedback training. Three basic training Profiles are built into the system for improving attention, calming and peak performance. Neurofeedback training is not a one size fits all so we provide flexibility and choice. These training profiles were tested and developed at NASA for improving engagement in pilots. SmartBrain Technologies has refined these Profiles to improve a variety of learning styles.

The same home learning system can be reprogrammed at any time by a professional and customized for your unique needs. Think of the SmartBrain System as work out equipment for your brain. You can purchase various exercise equipment and work out on your own. You can also hire a personal trainer and with their expert advice receive even greater benefits. The SmartBrain System works the same way. You can use the system on your own with the built in programming or under the supervision of a Professional who can customize the system to your unique needs. Visit our Products link to learn more about our Products.


The SmartBrain Educator System provides a simple to use expert guided program that allows the educator to choose from pre-programmed training Profiles tested and developed over years of experience for specific learning challenges. Educational materials on DVDs or Windows Media files become the feedback for training. Imagine a system that delivers the educational content while measuring attention in real time insuring that the student receives the material as their brain is most engaged. Contact us directly at for details.

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SmartBrain Technologies provides a full range of software suites for professional use. From the neurofeedback novice to the seasoned expert we deliver technology suited for your expertise. Our system can be configured to view real time raw wave EEG activity or any filtered wave form and record the entire session for playback performing any level of data analysis while PlayStation or Xbox video games are used for the training feedback. You can even configure our system to provide tradition, non video game feedback as well. There is no limit to the flexibility of the SmartBrain system. Contact us directly at for details.

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