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SmartBrain Technologies provides the most affordably priced, superior EEG Neurofeedback - "Interactive Feedback" technology! This amazing NASA developed technology has been adapted for children and adults to improve attention, memory, overall cognitive performance and the capacity to learn in an enjoyable and engaging way. Additionally, specialized systems have been developed for educators and professionals to create the most successful personalized programs for those challenged with Learning Disabilities and Diagnosed Conditions. Children can begin finding benefits from using SmartBrain Technologies as young as six years of age. Medical research on the neuro-plasticity of our brains suggests that adults struggling with the daily stressors of life and older individuals experiencing challenges from the cognitive effects of aging can be empowered with the benefits of this technology. As a result, we are finding that SmartBrain Technologies can be successfully used throughout a life time to even address the overall cognitive effects of aging.

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There is also a growing desire to achieve a peak level of performance. For example, executives dealing with excessive stress who wishes to keep the competitive edge and sports players who recognize the importance of maintaining superior attention to maintain feeling of being 'in the zone'. Anyone using SmartBrain Technologies finds it provides a mental workout like nothing else ever experienced.

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SmartBrain Technologies and its parent company CyberLearning Technology, LLC are not affiliated with any other company claiming to use NASA Based Neurofeedback technology and video games to improve attention. CyberLearning Technology,LLC has an exclusive license with NASA to provide this exciting technology to the public. Any company making such claims may be in violation of NASA's license.