How Do Our Systems Work

In partnership with NASA, SmartBrain Technology has created a very sophisticated, effective, and yet easy to use neurofeedback system that enhances your brain's performance and capacity to learn. Unlike repetitive and boring methods, improvements happen while playing fun and exciting PlayStation and XBox video games and watching DVD movies.

A simple and flexible visor system measures the brain's patterns called brainwaves. The visor transmits these brainwaves through the neurofeedback system dialing up and down the power to the buttons of the game controller, governing how much control is available in game play. As the brain improves, success in game play is the reward. These changes are just as successful with our DVD movie watching system. Benefits are achieved from this amazing brain exercise while enjoying favorite DVD movies and media files. Brain signals pass through to the computer receiver changing the size of the movie screen and the volume. The more you pay attention and channel your brain's energy, the more you see and hear while the movie is playing. Thinking clearly is as easy and pleasurable as watching a movie.

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"How Do Our Systems Work"

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"The SmartBrain Training Experience"

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Our Personal Use Systems are pre-programmed with three selectable training 'Profiles' for different training benefits.

Engagement Training- The Engagement training Profile was developed at NASA and tested in research with ADHD children at Eastern Virginia Medical School. This Profile rewards increases in faster brain patterns, (Beta brain waves) and decreases slower patterns, (Alpha and Theta brain waves). Rewards in another  faster brain patterns called Sensorimotor Rhythm assist with learning and general calming. The Profile teaches sustained attention and concentration and improvements in general processing of information . Watch this video to see the many benefits of this Profile.

Calm Focus Training- The Calm Focus Profile encourages attention while rewarding physical calming. The Profile rewards increases in the faster brain patterns, (Sensorimotor Rhythm), while decreasing  slower Alpha and Theta brain patterns. This Profile helps to decrease impulsivity, anxiousness  and improve physical calmness while teaching sustained attention and concentration.

Peak Performance Training- The Peak Performance training is used by athletes, executives  and  anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of sharp focused attention and brain performance. The Profile rewards increases in faster brain patterns of  Beta and decreases slower brain patterns of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

These systems encourage brainwave patterns that improve attention, learning, memory and so much more. Through the repetition of use, these immersive technologies transfer success to everyday activities like;

  • Better attention and focus in the classroom and at work
  • Greater ability to remember and recall information
  • Improved capacity to learn in every day life
  • Decreased impulsive responses and so much more...

This link provides details for each of the Profiles listed above