Neurofeedback is Easy to Understand

Neurofeedback Works!

Neurofeedback has many names; EEG Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, NeuroTherapy and NeuroBiofeedback. It has been proven in research that those struggling with ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Behavior Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep and many other brain based challenges, have a physical trait in common; their brains look and respond differently than those without these concerns. Studies of the brain called Brain Mapping or Quantitative EEG, (QEEG), show full color pictures of the electricity the brain produces. These distinct images compare different brain frequencies and reveal aspects of brain dysfunction which typically correlate with symptoms. Neurofeedback is computerized equipment that can change these different brain patterns which in turn improves the symptom of the condition with long lasting results.

As a stethoscope measures a heartbeat, Neurofeedback uses small sensors positioned on the head to measure brain patterns. This data is then translated into easily understood visual, auditory and tactile information. This ‘feedback’ is the basis for learning to take place so that our brains can change.

Successful Neurofeedback training is based on learning theory. In order to learn or acquire a new skill, we need two simple components present: feedback and practice. The more we practice through trial and error, the more natural and second nature the learning becomes. Whether we’re learning to ride a bike, throw a ball, play an instrument or change our brain patterns, these learned skills will improve through feedback and practice. Neurofeedback is just like physical exercise, the more you do it the more you benefit.

The SmartBrain Trainging Technology Experience

With our Video Game System- As the player enters and maintains the desired brain state, full control of the game controller is enabled. The game player is able to play the video game seamlessly. If the player does not maintain the desired state, speed and steering control decrease.

Imagine playing a race car game. You are racing in time trials or against other players, using a game controller depressing the action buttons and directional pad to maneuver in the game. As you improve your focus, your car goes faster. If your focus wanders, you lose ground to the other racers. Your brain is the accelerator, your calmness the steering.

The same is true for our DVD Media Player System- Brain signals pass through to a computer receiver affecting the size of the movie screen and the volume. The more you pay attention and channel your brain's energy, the more you see and hear while the movie is playing. Thinking clearly is as easy and pleasurable as watching any movie or media file.

Other forms of Neurofeedback use simple animations that are limited and boring. SmartBrain Training Technology provides the only true fun, interactive training experience in Brain Training.


Using patented NASA technology, SmartBrain Technologies provides the only true fun, interactive training experience in Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is just like exercise, the more you do it the more you benefit. Traditional EEG Neurofeedback has been very effective but it has been provided in a very boring exercise like manner.  How SmartBrain Technologies is Different traditional Neurofeedback?

The Difference between EEG Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Both types of equipment are effective in measuring the functions in our bodies that we are not consciously aware; involuntary actions. Biofeedback promotes change in muscle tightness, blood pressure, heart rate, skin perspiration and body temperature whereas Neurofeedback encourages change in specific brain patterns, (the electricity from the brain.) Depending on the need, one or both systems can be extremely effective in directing a reduction in symptoms. Anything in the body that can be measured can be changed.