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We’re excited to offer an affordable and convenient way for families, Health Professionals and Educators to use our Neurofeedback at home and in Professional offices and Educational settings for a variety of challenges to include attention, learning, anxious behavior, memory with proven results.

Through an exclusive license to NASA patented technology, we offer two complete EEG Neurofeedback Systems, each designed to offer a unique and engaging way to enjoy ‘brain training’. The video game system connects with off the shelf video game play like; Sony PlayStation® and Microsoft XBOX®. Most action-packed racing and jumping games are played to create the truly immersive and exciting brain training experience. Connect your game system to the SmartBrain Training Technology and you’re ready to begin. The DVD Media Player System is installed onto your Windows PC creating a pleasurable and relaxing experience watching any DVD movie and media files while challenging you to improve your capacity to achieve.

SmartBrain Technology Provides Choices

Conveniently available for home use- Families can enjoy the general benefits of Neurofeedback at home with targeted programs for lasting success. See our Products.

Professional Support- For those struggling with diagnosed conditions like; ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Health Providers and Educators are available to serve families creating unique and personalized programs. See our Provider List

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