How to download and play video?

To view the videos, you will need to download a FLV video player if you haven’t got one already installed on your computer.

The most popular ones are free and easy to install. Below is a small list of free video players:

Adobe Media Player

Winamp Media Player

Moyea FLV Player

Once you downloaded the FLV video player to your computer, you can choose either FLV or ZIP files and download to your computer by clicking on download link(s)and click “Save” and save it to a location on your computer that you will remember.

Go to the file where you downloaded the video. If you downloaded the FLV file, open the file and the video should start playing in your newly downloaded FLV video player. If you downloaded the ZIP file, open the ZIP file and then extract the FLV video. Double click on the extracted FLV video file and it should start playing.

If your video doesn’t play or you are having problems installing the FLV video player, contact the website that you've downloaded the player from for support.

Download Videos

What We Do - Science Daily
Download FLV file - 39.6 mb
Download ZIP file - 38.9 mb

How Do Our Systems Work - How Do Our Systems Work
Download FLV file - 5.1 mb
Download ZIP file - 5.0 mb

How Do Our Systems Work - The SmartBrain Training Experience
Download FLV file - 4.6 mb
Download ZIP file - 4.5 mb

Who Does It Help - Success Stories
Download FLV file - 5.1 mb
Download ZIP file - 5.0 mb

Who Does It Help - Children Share Their Stories of Success
Download FLV file - 5.1 mb
Download ZIP file - 5.0 mb

Who Does It Help - Parents Share Their Storeis of Successe
Download FLV file - 11.1 mb
Download ZIP fiel - 11.0 mb

Facts/NASA - NASA Research Study with ADHD Children
Download FLV file - 14.1 mb
Download ZIP file - 13.9 mb

Facts/Research - Bringing the Future into Focus
Download FLV file - 10.7 mb
Download ZIP file - 10.5 mb