About Us and NASA

SmartBrain Technologies

SmartBrain Technologies in partnership with NASA, has developed the most sophisticated Neurofeedback, 'Interactive Feedback' system available.

CyberLearning Technology, LLC, the parent company of SmartBrain Technologies holds an exclusive license to two NASA Patent #'s 5,377,100 & 6,450,820.

To learn more about the partnership between NASA and SmartBrain Technologies, CLICK HERE.

Our Team

Management Team:

Mike Head - Chief Executive Officer, has leadership and success in Consumer Healthcare over 29 years with Johnson & Johnson, working with 6 companies, in 5 countries. Diverse background spanning mature and start up leadership situations, responsibility for a $2.5 Billion Global Franchise and Leadership of Business Development,  Mergers and Acquisitions across a $9.0Billion Consumer Healthcare portfolio. 

COO - Chief Operating Officer, Tony Singarayar, is responsible for project and funds management. His experience in Business and New Product , Marketing and Development and Finance Information Technology includes management in local and global/large-scale. He is Managing Director of a 400 person, 39 year old, family-owned business in Sri Lanka, and Founding Partner of Analogy Partners LLC, a strategy consultancy that drives growth through business model innovation. Prior experiences include senior positions in Johnson and Johnson and Shell Chemical, and, KPMG.

Founder –  Domenic Greco, Ph.D., has been in the business of delivering Biofeedback services, both peripheral and EEG Neurofeedback since 1982. He has successfully developed and operated treatment centers specializing in Biofeedback for stress related disorders, and EEG Neurofeedback  for ADHD on both the East and West coasts. Dr. Greco is an innovator in the ADHD field and has operated some of the largest ADHD, EEG Neurofeedback centers in the country. He has lectured nationally and appeared before NIMH as an expert in EEG Neurofeedback and frequently been interviewed on television and newspaper.

CTO John Aceti, John has an engineering and entrepreneurial background with a keen interest in transitioning new advanced technologies into the commercial markets to create first-to-the-world products and businesses. John has worked at three national laboratories- RCA Laboratories, Sarnoff Corporation and Draper Laboratory where he was responsible for transitioning technologies into the medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer markets. John holds 26 U.S. patents and 18 pending.

Lead Technical Team-Devon Greco, BA  Devon leads technical development and new product development. With his business and engineering background he has written patents and coordinated engineers from NASA, University of Pennsylvania, National University of Singapore with engineering and production team in Sri Lanka in next gen development.

Co- Founder- VP of Marketing – Lindsay Greco, has been in the business of developing and marketing Biofeedback services, both peripheral and EEG NeuroTherapy since 1984. She has successfully developed, marketed and operated some of the largest ADHD, EEG Neurofeedback centers in the country.

Sabry Mohideen - Chief Financial Officer, C.P.A., has over 20 years of broad experience in strategic financial planning and operations, budgeting, forecasting, acquisitions, program syndication, consumer products, and conducting business in foreign countries. He is a Partner in Analogy Partners LLC and until recently was CFO - Bravo (a division of NBC Universal). Previous positions included Head of Finance - MTV Networks International, and Senior Audit Manager - Coopers & Lybrand (with clients in the manufacturing, retail, and hospitality industries).  He has an M.B.A in Finance from the University of Texas, Austin.

Advisory Board

Alan T. Pope, Ph.D . NASA -Technical Advisor:     Technical Advisor for intellectual property and inventor of technology. –NASA Senior Research Scientist responsible for studying brainwave correlates of hazardous states of awareness in high technology environments. Recently awarded Aerospace Contribution to Society Award for the development and application of biocybernetic technologies to the problem of attention deficit disorders.

Henry Harbin, MD - Senior Consultant: A nationally known Board Certified Psychiatrist who has held a number of senior positions in private mental health companies and in the public sector. He has been both CEO and Chairman of Magellan Health from 1998 to 2003 and was CEO of Greeenspring Health Services from 1993 to 1998. Magellan is the nation's largest managed mental health care company and is a public company. Greenspring was the nation's fourth largest managed mental health care company and was bought by Magellan in 1995. DR Harbin held several positions in the Maryland public mental health system including Director of the state mental health authority from 1985 to 1988. He has published numerous articles on psychiatric treatment and services and recently served on The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. He is currently consulting with a number of companies and serving on several state and national advisory entities focusing on how to improve quality and access to effective mental health services.