Our Story

Domenic Greco, Ph.D., the founder of SmartBrain Technologies, holds his doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has specialized in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback since 1982. He successfully developed and operated Stress Management and ADHD Treatment Centers on both the East and West coasts, building some of the largest ADHD, Neurofeedback Centers in the country. Dr. Greco is an innovator in the ADHD field; he has lectured nationally, conducted ADHD research and appeared before NIMH, (National Institute of Mental Health), as an expert in Neurofeedback.  He is also frequently interviewed by the media.

Dr. Greco has spent his professional career seeking out and providing the most effective and innovative clinical treatment options available using Neurofeedback treatment.  It offered amazing results and empowered those struggling with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other related conditions. He was however, keenly aware and challenged with the shortcomings of the available Neurofeedback technology and training paradigms; clients needed to receive an average of 40 to 60, 45 minute, in-office trainings, two or more times weekly. This made the cost to receive care much higher. The training experience was ultimately boring, requiring the client to view the same simple bar and line graphs on computer screens and it was necessary for the distractible child-client to be coached and praised to reach the desired goal.  As a parent of two sons, Dr. Greco knew that raising children is most successful when family stress is reduced. Unfortunately, Dr. Greco continued to observe that families were extremely taxed with juggling daily stressors and the inherent road traffic to meet these treatment requirements.  But, everyone recognized that the benefits far outweighed the tremendous effort to achieve results.  Of greatest concern to Dr. Greco, was the small percentage of clients who returned years later for 'booster training' to maintain success. These visits were requested by families who observed that some of the benefits had begun to lessen over time. Although Dr. Greco's greatest reward came from achieving clinical success in the least amount of time at lowest cost for his clients, his search for the best way to deliver Neurofeedback services continued.

In 1999, he found the answer! He learned of exciting research and inventions at the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia.  He discovered that NASA had been researching attention and performance in pilots using EEG Neurofeedback technology to improve response time and determine the best level of automation using very sophisticated laboratory flight simulators.  It was theorized that these flight simulators were very similar to the video games people play every day and the idea for creating 'Video Game Neurofeedback Technology' evolved!   NASA reasoned that if it assisted pilots with their attention, maybe it could help people challenged with attentional issues and learning. NASA, in partnership with Eastern Virginia Medical School, had also conducted follow on research using this video game Neurofeedback invention with a group of ADHD children. The goal was to compare video game Neurofeedback training to traditional Neurofeedback, (like the systems Dr. Greco had been using.) The results were very impressive; video game-Neurofeedback was just as effective as traditional in-office Neurofeedback in changing most outcome measures of attention. In addition, the children using the NASA invention enjoyed their training more and looked forward to training.

SmartBrain Technologies

NASA had patented this amazing technology and decided to offer the 'licensing rights', through a competitive process with the goal of finding a private company to 'partner' with. More than a dozen companies fought for this honor, but it would be up to a true visionary, like Dr. Greco to turn years of NASA's work into a device that people could actually bring into their homes and have the ultimate Neurofeedback training experience. In 2000, he was awarded the exclusive rights to develop and manufacturer this NASA technology.

Dr. Greco began to put the pieces together.  He theorized that if a very powerful video game enabled Neurofeedback system could be created for use by both clinicians and families that was easy to use and low in cost, clinicians could offer professional supervision for its use and families could purchase the system for ongoing home use. Through consistent use, people could find success and benefit from Neurofeedback training at a lower cost, be engaged, and even entertained during the process.

His passion outweighed the challenges. Not having an engineering background, he would first need to find a group of brilliant engineers who could turn NASA's patented inventions into extremely sophisticated Neurofeedback technology that would connect directly with video game systems like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBOX.  Most importantly, these components had to be very low cost without compromising the integrity of the technology, in any way. If these goals could be achieved, his vision could be realized.

SmartBrain Technologies was born! After years of painstaking research and development, the first clinical SmartBrain Technology was available in 2003. Practitioners around the U.S. began serving their clients with this amazing, engaging, and effective technology. By 2005, the first 'home-based' systems were introduced to families.  People could now connect the SmartBrain System directly to their Sony PlayStations.  Benefits could now be achieved while enjoying a favorite video game.

People can now enjoy the benefits of Neurofeedback training in the convenience of their homes.  They are able to purchase their SmartBrain System directly at a reasonable price and can seek out the services of a treating professional at any time.  Dr. Greco continues his passion in Neurofeedback development and just might surprise us with new, far reaching ways we can all benefit from training our brain's to be more powerful than ever!